Recent Builds of Long Range Hunting Rifles

28 Nosler


Ascension Arms Carnivore Long Action

McMillan Game Warden Stock

0.284" Caliber, 26" Proof Barrel 1:8.25" twist

HydroDipped and Cerakote

Complete with Brake and Atlas Bipod

6.5 Creedmoor


Ascension Arms Carnivore Short Action

McMillan Adjustable Game Warden Stock 

0.264" Caliber, 24" Proof Barrel 1:8" Twist

Two color Cerakote 

Complete with Brake and Atlas Bipod

26 Nosler


Ascension Arms Carnivore Long Action 

 Manners Elite Hunter Thumbhole Stock  

0.264" Caliber, 26" Proof Barrel 1:8" twist 

 Two Color Cerakote  

Complete with Brake and Atlas Bipod

28 Nosler


Ascension Arms Carnivore Long Action

 McMillan Game Warden Edge Stock

  0.284" Caliber, 26" Brux Barrel 1:8" twist  HydroDipped and Cerakote  

Complete with Brake, Atlas Bipod and Revic Scope hunting rifles



Ascension Arms Carnivore XM Length Action

McMillan Game Scout Stock

0.264" Caliber, 24" Proof Barrel 1:8" twist

Kuiu Verde Hydrodipped and Armor Black cerakote 

Atlas Bipod & topped with Vortex scope (not pictured)

6.5 Creedmoor


Ascension Arms Carnviore Short Action

Manners Compact Adjustable Butt Stock 

0.264" Caliber, 22" Proof Barrel 1:8" twist

    Complete with Atlas Bipod and March Scope

Silencerco Suppressor and detachable mag


375 Ruger African Carnivore

We just built this rifle to bring on our 2019 African Safari


Carnivore Long action with magnum bolt face with center feed

24.25" Brux #6 5R Heavy Bull Sporter fluted barrel 

Vias Brake  - Really tames the recoil! This rifle is fun to shoot.

Oberndorf  BDL bottom metal with Wyatt mag box (Holds two catrdiges in magazine)

Finish: Kryptek Mandrake Stock with Sand and Graphite black cerakote

Scope: Conquest V4 1-4x24 with adjustable turret and ZQAR reticle


This hunting rifle was test fired at Ascension Arms range on May 26.  It shoots very tight groups at 100 and 200 yards.  Shoots 2" group at 300 yards with 4x scope.

Ammo:  Swift 300 grain A-frame factory loads.